Our curriculum

Our curriculum

3,300 hours of training – of which 3,000 in classes and 300 in work experiences, full-time and with compulsory attendance

The study course 2019-2022 starts on 4. November 2019 and ends on 1 July 2022.

The study course is structured into introductory, intermediate and specialising modules with classroom teaching, hands-on experience and group work. We strongly encourage active involvement in co-creative work. The students have access to the premises and the equipment outside of study hours in order to enable them to work independently on their projects.

First year
During the first year, the emphasis is on the basic elements of analysing and understanding audio-visual language and the general principles of film production. The students are also taught the basics of how to plan and make a documentary. The general introduction is followed by intermediate courses on the contents in phase two, ending with a practical exercise: short documentary films, produced in a group and independently developed.
The first year is also aimed at identifying motivations and talents of the individual students for one of the three specialisations (Directing/Project development, Photography/Light, Editing/Post-production). The exam at the end of the year assesses the general level of learning, followed by assigning a specialisation.

Second Year
The second year is divided into “vertical modules”, which are different for each major, and focus on developing the skills in each of the three specializations offered; and “horizontal modules”, which involve all students, regardless of their majors. As in the first year, seminars that focus on theory are accompanied by hands-on activities, including the making of a short documentary, in which each student participates in a group initiative based on his or her area of specialization.
Upon conclusion of the second year, students take part in internship programs based on their majors.

Third year
In the third year the students produce a professional documentary film of medium or feature film length. This involves research, a written abstract with storyline, visual and editing concept, a pitch with two-pager and teaser, a project dossier, pre-production, budgeting, production, post-production and delivery. During the production the students work according to their specialisations and as a team on all other aspects.

Diploma exam
The third year concludes with the diploma exam, assessing the didactical results at the end of the triennium.

During the training the students take part in work experiences between the first and second and/or the second and third study year, in line with their specialisation.