Omas Salon

  • Director: Ursula Ambach
    Cinematography: Maria Rank
    Editing: Maria Rank
    Editing: Ursula Ambach
    Soundrecordist: Caroline Leitner

  • duration: 34'
  • production year: 2007
  • original title: Omas Salon
  • genre: Elderly, Female, History, Migration, Personal memory, Personal Viewpoint, Portrait

Edith Festö lives in a small Swabian village in the south of Hungary, where she has run a hairdressing salon for more than 55 years. Time seems to stand still and all the widows of the village still leave the salon with the same permanent wave. Recently Edit lost most of her eyesight. Despite this, her there's not a day that goes by without a crowd in her salon. This film is about the filmmaker's journey back to her roots, back to her grandmother. Through up-close observations and intimate conversations, viewers come to know another side of the almost timeless world of her grandmother. Sensitive insight is provided into the routine difficulties of coping with aging.