My home

  • Director: Debora Scaperrotta
    Cinematography: Dimitri Hempel
    Editing: Valentina Zaggia

  • duration: 64'
  • production year: 2007
  • original title: Casa mia
  • genre: Current Affairs, Ethnography, Globalisation, Human Interest, Kids, Personal Viewpoint, Portrait, Society, Youth

The topic of street children has been pretty much widely examined in documentary films, especially from the perspective of evoking pity or as a denouncement. My Home is not intended as the umpteenth repetition focusing on problems and the side effects of Rumanian post-Communism. On the contrary, the film?s central dramaturgical element is the strength and will of the characters, who thus inspired have gone on to change their lives, make a name for themselves and take a place in society. They have made a difficult, radical choice ? all the more incredible when you consider how young they are. The film has a positive outlook, turned toward the future, toward change and evolution. Our intent is to provide an example for those who do not realize that there is hope, even in the bleakest situations. People, especially young people, can become their own heroes.