WALDEN, or Life in the Mountains

  • Director: Renata Medero Aguilar
    Cinematography: Marina Baldo
    Cinematography: Renata Medero Aguilar
    Editing: Marina Baldo
    Soundrecordist: Luigi Pepe

  • duration: 52'
  • production year: 2010
  • original title: WALDEN, or Life in the Mountains
  • genre: Lifestyle, Nature & Environment, Personal Viewpoint

A film that documents one year in the life of a couple that lives in the mountains. They are no hermits, but they lead a particular way of life, surrounded by nature and governed by its cycles Hube and Irene prepare themselves during the whole year for the arrival of the long winter; merciless and sterile. But there is always the hope of the spring to come. Life and death, hot and cold, day and night, man and woman, nature contains in itself all the opposite and makes of them complements in the dynamics of survival.