Beyond the sea

  • Director: Veronika Kaserer
    Cinematography: Jakob Stark
    Editing: Nela M

  • duration: 52'
  • production year: 2010
  • original title: Hinter dem Meer
  • genre: Biography, Female, Personal Viewpoint, Travelling

The world is full of longing places that are not located on any map.The 19 year old girl Heidi from the Dolomites sets out to search for it and ends up in Necochea - Argentina, where she wants to do some social work for a few months. There she imagines it to be, what doesn´t exist in the women's line of her family, a "clima caloroso, di cuore" (a warm, hearty climate). Her escape "from what one is depressed of" turns into a confrontation with foreign customs and needs, and therefore with her own identity, which Heidi meets in her own way. Patiently, the camera waits with her and watches Heidi absorbed in her thoughts. It also watches her big steps into the new world in exchange with the inhabitants of the country and thus towards her own freedom. A parallel story provides an insight into the lives of the female characters, that Heidi have accompanied since birth: her mother and her grandmother. They tell a story full of failed advances and frozen fronts, in which Heidi is still trapped on her search for a place "beyond the sea", and neither the women in her family can´t escape from.