• Director: Juri Mazumdar
    Cinematography: Anke Riester
    Editing: Giorgio Chiodi
    Soundrecordist: Gero Hecker

  • duration: 74'
  • original title: Kalyug

The Spirit Maneto descended upon the earth. The humans screamed in terror. The eagle “Gardan Udhi” flew away instantly to please the demon with pieces of meat...” The villagers listen closely to the old man. He tells them about the dark age “Kalyug”. About the tragical princess Zahama. About the mighty plague-demons and about the healer who has the power to tame them. The Bhil, an indigenous tribe in central India, roam the no man's land between their ancient world and the raging modern India. Three mythological principles turn into three stories of loss, guilt, hope and being human in midst of today's chaos.