Welcome to Gagauzia

  • Director: Vasili Vikhliaev
    Cinematography: Beniamino Casagrande
    Editing: Johanna Czakalla
    Soundrecordist: Marco Vitale

  • duration: 61'
  • production year: 2013
  • original title: Welcome to Gagauzia

“Dark clouds gathered / And covered up the sun / My soul is deeply frozen / It searches you where you are not / But you will come back to me one day / And because I'm stubborn, I'll keep waiting!” - Welcome to Gagauzia, a remote region of the most unknown country in Europe, Moldova. It's a place, most people are eager to leave. Some stay though. VASILI was left behind. His wife went to work in Turkey 6 years ago. Their son SERGEI hasn't heard from her ever since. ANNA cannot leave behind the past, cannot leave behind her roots. And MANJUL never wanted to leave in the first place. He finds freedom in this restricted place. He can create, he can enjoy: life, women, wine and music. And there is plenty of it here. Enjoy your stay!