Pater noster

  • Director: Valentina Pedicini
    Cinematography: Bastian Esser
    Editing: Sven Kurt Albertini
    Editing: Kathrin Dietzel

  • duration: 18'35
  • production year: 2008
  • original title: Pater noster
  • genre: Biography, Faith, Female, Human Interest, Personal memory, Portrait, Society, Youth

An isolated community of 15 catholic Shaolin monks in the mountains of Bolzano. A young woman that made a radical choice in order to follow her dream and her Master. Laura, Kung Fu champion and warrior with a mystic vocation made a 10 year path of merciless training, meditation and life in an unordinary family. We lived by her side and what came out of it is a film as ambiguous, painful and courageous as her story.