• Director: Cecilia Bozza Wolf, Michela Tomasi
    Cinematographer: Alessandro D'Emilia, Alexander Fontana 
    Editing: Pierpaolo Filomeno
    Sound: Michela Tomasi

  • duration: 30'
  • production year: 2015
  • original title: Metalmorphosis

It's night. In some place of the Italian province, a heavy metal concert recurs like a ritual depicted by formulas, movements, costumes, screaming. The frontman calls the audience to participate with more enthusiasm. For over thirty years he is the protagonist of these nights, but fatigue, although well hidden, it is increasingly difficult to win, if not with the help of some medicines. Although the music has animated his life, to make a living he builds coffins, wears and accompanies the deceaseds to their last destination. The heart that ceased to beat as before and, perhaps, the fear of death, will force he to renew and reinvent the relationship with the teenager son Gabriel. Gabriel becomes his assistant before going on stage and at the end of the show, but even his mate during the night raids between bars of bikers and racing cars. Claudio don’t like to feel himself alone, he would like to feel himself adored by his son. He tries to reinvent the meaning of his whole existence. Also during the driving back home Claudio is a real rocker.