Behind my eyes

  • Director: Désirée Marianini
    Cinematography: Bernadette Weber
    Editing: Otis Buri
    Sound: Beatrice Segolini, Otis Buri, Désirée Marianini

  • duration: 26'
  • production year: 2015
  • original title: Dietro i miei occhi

If we stopped after the first pages, Lilia, Gentiana, Olfa and Nina would simply be four foreign women. Going on reading, we will find out about Albania at the end of communism, we'll understand the life of a rich Shahaian in the Khomeini era a bit better, we will watch the rehearsal of an opera's singer and we will throw ourselves into politics. Reading until the end, we can listen to their poems because “being a foreigner is always a trial” and the place in which we can be truly ourselves is the intimate place of expression, writing.