Three-year training

Three-year training

The ZeLIG course of study is aimed at young people with an interest in working with audio-visual media and particularly all forms of documentary cinema – the entire creative spectrum of the visual and sound experience. ZeLIG seeks people with passion and talent, who are strongly motivated to make a career out of these gifts. 

No practical prior knowledge is required. However, a certain degree of maturity is desired. Many students at ZeLIG have a university degree or professional experience. 

ZeLIG is located in Bolzano, Italy, a multilingual city where different cultures live together. The school is a place of exchange for students, teachers and film professionals from all over the world.

Training period:
3 years – 1 year basic training, 2 years specialisation courses

Specialisation courses:
Directing/Project development • Photography/Light • Editing/Post-production

The full-day classes consist of seminars and project work in small groups. Attendance is obligatory. The teaching languages are German, Italian and English.

Applications may be submitted every 3 years and 30 students are admitted.
The admission procedure is through pre-selection.

The dates for the next entry exam will be communicated later.