application process

application process

The dates for the next entry exam will be communicated later. Following are the informations for the exams 2019 - 2022


Application for the 2019-2022 cycle

Application deadline: May 23, 2019.  

A maximum of 30 students will be admitted for the training. They must have at least the following requirements:
High school diploma or vocational qualification
Language skills: B2 level in two of the three teaching languages (German, Italian, English)

The language skills must be proven by an international language certificate or by another certificate (for example, a university degree in German, Italian or English), and submitted at the latest when taking part in the entrance exam in Bolzano.. The language skills are verified during the entrance exam. Emphasis is given to the communicative skills, the expression in and understanding of a language. 

THE SELECTION PROCESS is divided into two parts, an online pre-selection and a second selection on site at the school in Bolzano. The assessment can be made in one of the three languages. An Admissions Commission will asses skills, motivation and aptitude of the applicants.

PHASE 1 - Online Preselection

• Download Program and Application >> alternative link>> (
• Download “Minimum Requirements” Form >> alternative link>> (
• Download Training Contract >> alternative link>> (

Applicants participate in the online selection process by following the instructions here. The aim of this phase is to preselect candidates through a process that requires them to submit a series of application materials.

Applicants must submit the following materials online (no hard-copy documentation will be accepted):
• The application form, complete with personal information and a declaration of the applicant’s qualifications, which will be verified during the on-site exam in Phase 2;
• An essay in which candidates outline their motivation for applying to ZeLIG;
• A brief video in which applicants introduce themselves;
• A project for a documentary film;
• An agreement to abide by the conditions of participation.

The informations about the single tests are in the attachment below
'Application Tests Online Preselection'.

Application deadline: All applications must be received by May 23, 2019.
All applications must have arrived online by midnight of this date. Later applications cannot be considered.

The Admissions Commission will assess applicants’ Phase 1 documentation and rank applicants accordingly.
Results of Phase 1 preselection will be available no later than 6. June 2019. The top-ranking 50 applicants will be asked to come to Bolzano for the on-site exam.

PHASE 2 – Admissions Exam
The exam will take place at ZeLIG, in Bolzano, Italy, over a 6-day period, July 8 – 13, 2019.
The exam has the following parts:
• Test of film/audiovisual culture;
• The creation of a visual story;
• Group test;
• Interview.

Content and specific details of each part will be provided on site, prior to the start of each section.

Names of the 30 applicants admitted to the program and of the 10 applicants in the waiting-list will be announced on 13. July 2019.

Applicants that have been accepted must register and pay the tuition fee of € 1,000 no later than 19. July. Proof of payment must be received by ZeLIG by that date.

Should any of the 30 applicants that have been accepted opt to not register, their places may be filled by the applicants next in line, based on the rankings. They will be contacted by 22. July, and must register and pay the tuition fee of € 1,000 by 29. July.

Classes at ZeLIG are held in three different languages. It is therefore imperative for the students to have good communication skills (understanding and expression) in all three languages spoken at the school. During the entrance exam, applicants must demonstrate knowledge at B2 level in at least two of the languages. At the beginning of the training, B2 knowledge in all three languages spoken at the school should be acquired. Exempt are those who have to learn the third language from scratch (ex novo) and who have to show A2 level at the beginning of the study cycle. Anyone not having sufficient knowledge of one of the three languages is obliged to attend language classes. Failure to do so can result in revocation of the admission. We would like to point out that at the end of the first study year B2 level has to be attained for all three languages. The language competences are evaluated. Languages at ZeLIG are a chance, a possibility of having better communication skills, especially in documentary filmmaking, and increasing the possibility of finding a job in the audiovisual market.

Classes for the 2019-2022 begin 4. November 2019, and conclude July 1, 2022.